Structured Cabling System Installation and Implementation


  Unique Central specializes in structured cabling systems that include fiber optic cable, copper cable and wireless applications. Our Certified Installers design the network infrastructure for your company's needs today with the flexibility to meet the technological innovations of tomorrow.
a. Network Infrastructure Design
b. Copper & Fiber Management & System Documentation
c. Copper & Fiber Optic Installation & Termination
d. Single-mode and Multi-mode Mass Fusion Splicing
e. Network Cabling Troubleshooting
f. Cable Re-management

Unique Central provides services in cable re-management work effectively. After referring to the existing network design, we propose the implementation work schedule for the cable re-management works, provide naming convention and rack schematic diagram (before & after) for future reference.

The above mentioned exercise is to ensure that all existing cables origins and destinations were recorded so that any cables accidentally unplug or disconnected during the re-managing works can be traced.

Cable testing will be carried out after the cable re-management works to ensure all the cables are in working condition.

g. Preventive & Corrective Maintenance
h. 24/7 Emergency Restoration
i. Experienced Project Management
j. Certifications