Site Facilities / Data Center Design


  Data Centers are unique environments whereby the level of tolerance for downtime are essential and need careful planning as it involves many electrical, mechanical & communication variables.

Unique Central are able to provide advise into the 4 tier system design in deriving and identifying the correct data site infrastructure design topologies. The Tier I, II, III & IV classification are benchmarking standard in measuring the availability of the Data Center site infrastructure functionality.

a. Electrical works / Power Distribution and Conditioning


b. Fire Detection And Suppression


c. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

d. Underfloor Water Detection
e. Access Raised Floor


f. Racking System


g. General Construction / Renovation Work

h. Generator Backup


i. Air Conditioning


j. Site Monitoring System


k. Security Access System


l. CCTV Surveillance System


m. Service Contracts


n. Site Cleaning

o. Safety Program