Company overview

UNIQUE CENTRAL SDN. BHD. was incorporated in 28 April 1993. The founders of Unique Central have more than 30 years of experience in Consultation, Design, Project Management, Implementation for Structured Cabling and Computer Site Facilities.

Our existence and proven track records in the industry were primarily due to our Strong Project Management, Documentation and Implementation Methodology. Today, Unique Central is a company of more than 80 teammates who work together towards a common goal.

Over the years we have been relying much on our Strong Project Management, Documentation and Implementation Methodology that has lead us to acquiring Mega projects and continuously achieving healthy financial growth hence gaining Competitive Advantage that has further differentiate us from the competitors.

Our Core Values

Whether it is data centres infrastructure or maintenance services, Unique Central is dedicated, patience and fully committed to intensify our clients’ business efficiency through total cycle integration application management. Unique Central is able to provide Mechanical and Engineering services to all customers in Malaysia. Our business growth year by year has proven Unique Central strong integration among departments and reliable services that has rendered to customers. Customer word of mouth is another evidence of our continuous expansion. At here, we never compromise our quality of works. Because our belief is “Quality is not an afterthought, it is always the result of high intentions, sincere effort and skillful implementation”

Customer Satisfaction
is our Priority.

We take an individual approach to each project to satisfy any requirement our clients might have and to comply with all regulations in the country where the project is implemented. We pay special attention to keep up with project deadlines and budgets. To provide sufficient quality guarantee of your projects, we implemented and maintain.

  • We always respond efficiently to our challenges
  • Our staffs are commited to their tasks
  • Knowledge, skills, abilities and personal attributes that builds up the competencies in our staffs

businesses with
unique solutions

With our adaptability methodology , we want to empower businesses with network cabling solutions that guarantee optimal quality and performance, as well as supporting future upgrades without compromised on Safety. We bring innovation, ingenuity and expertise to each and every project. If we don’t have a ready-made data centre system or solution that suits your need, we’ll work your needs. If our proposal does not meet and suit your requirement, we’ll work and customize to develop one with you!

Support your
IT solutions with professional
cabling of your network

Our association with our customers does not end on completion of a job, rather it marks the entry of a long term relationship and partnership journey.

Our customer service is build and managed with the objectives of providing the highest level of customer satisfaction in many years to come.

We depend on our CUSTOMER SATISFACTION as a yardstick of measurement towards our continued existence in this industry.

“We strive to maintain the highest standards of ethics and business conducts and to build longterm customer relationships based on mutual trust and respect”