An access floor is actually a floor raised above a floor. It’s purpose is to create a chamber for wire management and the distribution of heating and cooling services.

In today’s Computer Room environment, many pieces of electrical equipment are being used. Each of these have/require numerous power cords and cables. Your access floor creates an interstitial “holding” place for these cords and cables. In addition, this space can provide a method of distributing conditioned air to workstations above the floor through diffusers (or vents) placed throughout the access floor.

The construction of an access floor is comprised of 24″ square and 1 7/16″ thick panels. Air modules and diffusers built into a panel distribute HVAC (heating and cooling) services. These panels are easily interchangeable which, in turn, permit quick wire and cable management changes without disrupting ongoing operations. The floor panels can be rearranged at any time to suit your Data Center needs.